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How It Works

How It Works at K9 Seminars

Welcome to K9 Seminars, where we bridge the gap between canine training experts and enthusiasts. Our platform is designed to streamline the process of organizing, finding, and participating in a variety of dog sport seminars. Here’s a quick guide on how our platform works for Organizers, Handlers, and Trainers.


For Organizers:

    1. List Your Seminar: Easily list your upcoming K9 seminars on our platform. Provide details like seminar topic, date, location, and instructor information. Add enticing descriptions and images to attract participants.
    2. Manage Registrations: Our platform allows you to directly manage inquiries. Handlers interested in your seminar can send an email and make inquiries securely through our site, simplifying the process for both parties.
    3. *Manage Payments: Our platform allows you to directly manage registration and payment. Handlers interested in your seminar can sign up and make payments securely through our site, simplifying the process for both parties.
    4. Reach a Wider Audience: By listing your seminar on K9 Seminars, you gain access to a broad community of canine training enthusiasts. Expand your reach and fill your events effortlessly.
    5. *New Feature: Enhanced Organizer Account: While our basic account is free, we are exploring a paid version. This upgrade would enable organizers to offer online payment options for handlers. Additionally, it includes a budget for paid advertising on our platform. Plus, our team of expert marketers will manage these ads for you, ensuring maximum traffic to your seminars.

*This feature is for approved organizers. Please contact us for more info.


For Handlers:

  1. Explore Seminars: Browse through a wide range of K9 seminars listed on our platform. Filter by location, discipline, or date to find the perfect match for your training needs.
  2. Register and Pay Online: Once you find a seminar you’re interested in, you can easily register and pay directly through our website. Secure and hassle-free, it ensures your spot is reserved in just a few clicks.
  3. Direct Communication: Have questions? Reach out directly to organizers for more information about specific seminars. We facilitate open communication for a better learning experience.

For Trainers:

  1. Build Your Profile: Create a comprehensive profile to showcase your expertise, experience, and upcoming seminars. A strong profile helps in attracting more participants to your events.
  2. Promote Your Seminars: Leverage our platform to promote your seminars. Connect with handlers and organizers looking for expert trainers like you.

Community Guidelines:

  • No Duplicate Listings: To maintain the quality and accuracy of information, we ask that you refrain from posting duplicate seminars. Each seminar should be unique to ensure variety and relevance for our users.
  • Use the Platform Responsibly: We encourage a positive and professional environment. Any abuse of the site, including spamming or inappropriate content, will result in suspension of your account.

Join us at K9 Seminars and be a part of a thriving community dedicated to the advancement of dog sports and training. Whether you’re an organizer, handler, or trainer, our platform is designed to support and enhance your canine training journey.