K9 Seminars

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K9 Seminars fosters connection to top tier training experiences.

K9 Seminars is dedicated to fostering connections within the canine training community, bringing together Handlers, Trainers, and Organizers on a digital platform. Our mission is to create a comprehensive network that facilitates growth and learning in the canine industry. Here’s what we offer:

  • For Handlers: Discover a wide array of K9 training events, from local workshops to international webinars, easily accessible through our user-friendly digital platform.

  • For Venues and Organizers: Utilize our custom software tools designed to enhance event management and capacity building, complemented by a suite of online resources for professional development.

  • For Trainers: Gain visibility and extend your reach by offering your expertise through seminar bookings and live online lessons.

  • Industry Collaboration: We partner with select retailers and key industry figures, enhancing their visibility and fostering connections that benefit our entire community.