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K9 Seminars is your comprehensive portal for top-tier canine training experiences.

We welcome enthusiasts, trainers, and dog owners alike to explore, post, and register for a diverse range of events including seminars, webinars, clinics, and personalized learning experiences. Our platform caters to all disciplines, breeds, and locations, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to the advancement of dog sports.

Stay tuned for our upcoming feature allowing trainers to provide one-on-one online training sessions, further enhancing your opportunities for growth and connection in the world of canine training.

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Joanne Fleming Video of Webinar | Preparing for a BH Virtual Event

Getting ready for your first BH? Haven’t trialed in a while and need a refresher for your BH? Joanne is here to help! She will be presenting on preparing for a BH; what you may need to take with you that day, as well as rules to know at your first BH. This webinar was […] ...

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